Our Largest Livestream audience so far!

Last week saw a massive increase in figures for our Essex Cricket TV platform. Unique visitors were up from 1,724 to 58,514 and Page views up from 7063 to 270,336. We also had an astonishing 16,054 new signups this week!

The reason behind these figures was our livestreamed Pay per View game vs India. PPV was in place at £4.79 for the 3 day event with nearly 50% of our audience watching from India.

As our first paid for content, we feel the revenue obtained has proved it was a success, but are now looking at alternative income strategies to improve on this.

We found that over 50k left the platform without wanting to pay the fee for the Essex vs India game. 16,054 new sign ups of which over 15.5k left without watching any content. This shows we have a large interest in our content but the majority of the audience are unwilling to pay up front. A programmatic in play advertising business model will now be tested for future games of this magnitude to assess whether this works better than subscription.

A good week of growing our global audience and reviewing how they consume our content.

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