Realising the value of GDPR

A few months post GDPR law many UK sports organisations are still scratching their heads wondering how and what has changed.

We started working with County cricket clubs in 2017 and planned for the new data regulations both on behalf of clubs and also as data controllers.

3 months on we have some brilliant case studies of large growth in fan sign-ups with clubs, and also increases in fan engagement, brand awareness and revenue generation for clubs.

The formula was nothing too inspirational or out of the box, in fact it was quite simple. Give your fans a reason to share their data with you, and then give them an experience building a desire for them to come back. Live broadcasting and video on demand both give users the most desirable media online and are both great for increasing clubs online audiences.

In short, GDPR regulations are made for giving more transparency, telling users how the data will be used, and also ensuring the organisations collecting data are prudent in how data is stored and protected.

Any sports organisations looking to increase fan bases, better engage with their audiences and increase their club’s digital presence should contact us for an informal chat and get some free insights.

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