How to grow your global audience

When UK Cricket TV set out its business strategy for County Cricket clubs we had 3 areas we focused on;

  • Engagement with fans
  • Growing global audience
  • Monetising content

County Cricket has historically focused on engaging with their local fan bases and community.

Our rationale for launching UK Cricket was always to tap into a global reach and we’re making strides.

With international players and our ability to stream content globally, our platform now gives local clubs the potential to target a much wider audience.

We recently streamed a test game between the Essex Eagles and India and the results surprised us all a little.

For the club they gained a few thousand pounds in revenues, and over 16,000 GDPR compliant signed up fans on their platform for starters.

“This has opened up a whole new revenue stream for the Club and allows us to attract different businesses, whilst also offering new, innovative advertising options to our existing sponsors and partners. After the initial success of the live streaming service, we are now able to highlight the growing viewing figures and build on our off-field success.”
Darrell Fox
Commercial Manager, Essex Cricket

“This service has broadened the potential revenue streams for the Club, through both advertising and pay-per-view subscription. We are able to engage with supporters and cricket followers in not only Essex and the UK, but now also worldwide. The number of views and subscribers continues to grow and the live streaming service has become an important element in getting people to interact with the Club’s channels on a more frequent basis and opens up cricket to new audiences.”
Ashley Neave
Marketing & Communications Manager, Essex Cricket

So I guess all would agree a true digital revolution in county cricket has begun!

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