GDPR Data for County Cricket organisations.

May 25th 2018 brought changes to UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws, signifying the most important change in data privacy regulation for 20 years. It also signified to Cricket Clubs the importance of how they keep and use data of fans, committee members and how this can be best used.

The importance of this was emphasised to us when creating the digital landscape and user journeys for cricket as a whole. However, our approach was quite different.

Instead of looking at data as a marketing resource and thinking how it can be leveraged we asked the question, “what do your fans want from you, outside of being able to watch their team play at your ground?”, “how would you like to speak to your fans digitally?” “what are you giving the fans in terms of value by using their data?”. These were all key questions in developing a sticky brand and ensuring your fans are in fact feeling they are benefiting from your online engagement instead of being sent generic sales offers.

Launching a new platform has allowed us to rethink the user journeys of your fans, the way you interact with them will play a strong role in how they engage with you and your digital platforms.

Essex have invested a lot in ensuring they are creating quality content on all areas of their club, giving the best live match experience online, and also asking their fans what they would like to see more of. All essential components in ensuring our platform is made for the fans and they have a voice in what happens and what they see.

Adapting to GDPR law should not be about being compliant, although its essential, but more about being transparent to your fans, and trusting their opinions enough to allow them to create user driven journeys.

Essex have benefited from almost 10,000 GDPR compliant fans joining their platform, which will grow not doubt as the season comes to fruition.

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