End of season review 2018

Essex are now starting to see the commercial benefits from the platform with a total revenue income of nearly £10k from advertising, Programmatic and Pay Per view matches. Our GDPR compliant sign up model built within the platform has enabled them to gain nearly 30k subscribers.

The match vs India in July was a turning point in commercial awareness for Essex, as it gave them an opportunity to test Pay Per View. Although £1,263.98 was raised through paywall, £738.60 is paid out after payment provider fees. As mentioned in our previous weekly report, the india game had a fantastic effect on figures throughout the platform and PPV was in place with 317 paid subscribers.

However, with only 317 people paying for the match it shows that over 50k left the platform
without wanting to pay the fee for the Essex vs India game. 16,054 new sign ups of which 15,700 left without watching any live content. This shows we have a large interest in our content but the majority of the audience are unwilling to pay up front.
We recommended using programmatic advertising, which would have yielded a greater return. We have been running several tests on this which will be implemented for the new season.

We will now be implementing Livestream Studio in the close season with full training given to the Essex marketing and commercial teams. This will enable a better match day experience, with an upgraded scorecard, multicam mode and replay function. More on this to follow.

Check out the Essex Platform here

Durham joined us mid-season and have seen a week on week increase in viewing figures and sign up rates. Their commercial team now keen to replicate the commercial success we are having with Essex.

Budget restraints saw Durham taking advantage of our rental offer for broadcasting kits, enabling a more flexible solution to purchasing outright. Durham are happy with our rates and we are confident this business model can work for sports organisations wanting to use our platform on a pay per play basis.

Check out the Durham platform here

Warwickshire used our platform to live stream their final match of the season. We set up a branded demo platform with full GDPR compliant signups and programmatic advertising, with the view to use our full platform next season

Check it out here

Essex & Durham are great partners with UK Cricket TV and with interest from several others, we are now looking to boost our profile and set up demos in the winter months to have more County Clubs partnering with us next season.

We are currently the only provider offering a full end to end solution, enabling live streaming of 2nd XI, Womens matches and local events. We have partnered with EE to provide a data package for clubs, schools and universities, enabling them to stream at outgrounds and areas where wifi is not available. This gives us the opportunity to provide a full end to end solution with an affordable pricing structure.

Other Sports
We have learned a lot from working within County Cricket and now have the opportunity to push into other sports. We have put together a media pack and presentation to showcase our end to end solution offering a bespoke, full solution for any sports organisation from Grassroots Upwards.

We will be running regular Webinars and events to demo our full solution from now until the new season.

Contact us at hello@yantradigital.com to request a media pack or to find out more.

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