Benefiting from Programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising – how it works, how it benefits your business, How we differ from YouTube, controlling your own control, in-play, ‘how YOU can get in touch with us’.

Our commercial strategy has enabled County Cricket Clubs to bring in extra revenue through additional digital inventory. This additional digital inventory has enabled us to implement Programmatic Advertising as an efficient and easy way for clubs to monetise their content.

How it works.
Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital media space. This means a lower workload for the commercial teams whilst improving efficiency, having better targeting capabilities and an increased reach to the advertising campaign.

Due to the automated way in which Programmatic advertising works, this brings down the timeframe of the campaign. Although we have create branded media packs for County Cricket clubs to take to potential sponsors, any remaining digital inventory can be sold quickly through programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising uses IP addresses to target specific people rather than specific websites. This improves click through rate (CTR) and significantly increases the chance of conversion.

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